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‘Outsourced Contact Centre of the Year’ Winner 2020

By Fiona Campbell on 20-Nov-2020 10:40:00

Ascensos has been named ‘Contact Centre of the Year’ in the outsourced category, at the 2020 South West Contact Centre Awards (SWCCF), in relation to our partnership with retailer Wickes.

During an entertaining and interactive virtual awards ceremony on the 20th November, the Ascensos Team, based on the Isle of Wight, celebrated industry recognition for their delivery of Wickes specialised kitchen and bathroom customer engagement programme.

Built on the success of our Wickes team in Scotland, who since the beginning of our partnership, have delivered inbound customer engagement on behalf of Wickes. The opportunity, to expand the scope of our core delivery through the introduction of a specialist Wickes team from our contact centre in England, has been a game changer for both businesses.

Ascensos and Wickes📷 Image: The team at Ascensos, SWCCF 2020 winners of 'Outsourced Contact Centre of the Year' in partnership with Wickes. 

Best in class partnership.

To Ascensos every client is unique. We recognise the people behind each brand as individuals who are accountable, with corporate and departmental objectives and an individual vision for what they want to achieve for their customers.

Likewise, Ascensos are determined to reimagine the 21st century contact centre environment where we immerse ourselves in our clients’ brand as we create a culture and workplace where every voice, idea and opinion is key to our employee experience.

It is only possible to align these two visions to drive the right corporate behaviours, through committed time spent in each other’s working environment. This is how the Wickes and Ascensos teams have worked from the outset to understand the Wickes brand's objectives and goals.

An outstanding commitment to collaboration.

The annual South West Contact Centre (SWCCF) Awards is a celebration of contact centre excellence for businesses operating in the South West of England.

Richard King, Business Unit Director at Ascensos, said “I am so proud of the team for the work that they have done to elevate the Wickes customer experience, across every customer journey and all areas of the business.

They work hard to ensure Wickes customers receive the same exceptional service regardless of channel and I’m delighted Ascensos has been recognised as a best in industry benchmark at the SWWCF Awards.

We work in complete partnership with Wickes, with the ultimate success criteria for us as a partner, being the impact, we have on making Wickes business work more effectively and efficiently.

The measurement of that success, day to day, across all our client partnerships is our performance against agreed metrics, but over the lifetime of each partnership, it is the degree to which our clients deepen our engagement with their business”.

About the SWCCF
Established in 2008, the South West Contact Centre Forum (SWCCF) covers one of the largest regions in the UK, which includes Bristol, Bath, Swindon, Cheltenham and Plymouth. The Forum delivers extensive support to the region’s 250 employers who collectively employ circa 52,000 people in both the Public and Private sector. It represents clients in the highly professional and regulated areas of financial and legal services, ICT, retail, utilities and creative sectors, and boasts some of the biggest companies in the UK.

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Ascensos Awarded Excellence in Customer Service 2020

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‘Excellence in Customer Service’ Winner 2020

By Fiona Campbell on 12-Nov-2020 10:23:00

Ascensos tops the shortlist at the National Global Sourcing Association, 2020 Professional Awards.

The entire team at Ascensos were honoured to receive this years’ award for ‘Excellence in Customer Service’, in relation to our partnership with retailer ALDI.

Ascensos and Aldi📷 Image: The team at Ascensos, GSA UK 2020 winners of 'Excellence in Customer Service' in partnership with ALDI UK. 

The Professional Awards are a set of accolades recognising talented individuals and teams behind the strategic sourcing industry.

In making their decision, GSA judges looked for evidence on how Ascensos deliver client benefits with vision, strategy and innovation. Industry winners were announced on 12th November 2020, during the GSA's first glittering virtual awards ceremony.

Ascensos competed against best in industry finalists, across multiple sectors, markets and geographies, to be recognised as the UK's 2020 benchmark in 'customer service excellence'.

Elevating ALDI’s customer experience.

From onboarding to training; our Team approach, true to the Ascensos vision, is built on communication. And together with ALDI, we designed a colleague engagement programme, based on Ascensos and ALDI combined values and principle, aligned to ALDI’s unique ethos.

The result was a simple yet highly effective employee experience which continues to positively impact on ALDI’s business and is fundamental in elevating ALDI’s customer experience.

With significant contact centre experience supporting many national and international retail brands, Ascensos has extensive experience creating strategic sourcing partnerships based on trust, collaboration and continuous improvement.

Claire Sixsmith, Business Unit Director at Ascensos, said “We’re incredibly proud to be recognised at the GSA awards, it’s recognition for our team and all the hard work they’ve done on behalf of our partnership with ALDI.

Our goal from the very beginning was to elevate the ALDI customer experience and amaze both ALDI’s customers and internal stakeholders. Across our industry it is well understood that a happy employee means a happy customer. In creating Ascensos, we wanted to build on that and go deeper.

We recognised that what makes an employee happy is the respect, integrity and flexibility we show our staff as an employer. This means providing the right training and working environment, the right technology to do the job well and as an employer, an empathic approach to our colleagues changing needs".

Raising the bar on industry standards.

Kerry Hallard, CEO of the Global Sourcing Association UK said: “Huge congratulations to all the winners. Well-deserved wins across the spectrum of the sourcing industry demonstrating the great talent in this space, but also showcasing the great work delivered by teams around the world. These were highly competitive awards again this year and as such I must also recognise the great work of all those individuals and organisations that made it to the shortlist”.

About the GSA
The Global Sourcing Association UK (GSA) is the industry association and professional body for the global sourcing industry, and home of the Global Sourcing Standard. Its overriding objective is the ongoing development and dissemination of the Standard and supporting portfolio of qualifications in order to improve the benefits from, and positive reputation and therefore size of, the global sourcing industry.

The GSA also serves to share best practice, trends and connections across the globe and to bring the global community together in a wholly interactive manner for the first time. The Global Sourcing Association UK, also known as GSA-UK, was formerly known as the National Outsourcing Association in the UK.

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Ascensos Awarded Outsourced Contact Centre of the Year

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Major expansion into Turkey announced by CEO

By William Carson on 08-Jul-2020 09:43:58

Contact centre operator Ascensos announces major expansion into Turkey – part of planned Pan-European push.

Customer management and service provider Ascensos is to open its first contact centre in Turkey as part of an expansion into eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

The move by Europe’s leading independent customer experience operator will serve clients that plan to expand across western, central and eastern Europe. Ascensos will also support brands flowing in the opposite direction.

The new operation by the rapidly growing Motherwell-based company will be located in a central business district of Istanbul, the largest metropolitan city in Europe.

Ascensos Awarded Outsourced Contact Centre of the Year


John Devlin, Ascensos CEO & Co-Founder, said: “We see the same global growth opportunities that our clients do coming out of the Covid-19 lockdown, particularly looking deeper into Europe and Asia, although this is a move we began planning before the coronavirus pandemic. We will help them develop those opportunities, using our strong regional connections and innovative, agile customer support culture.”

Turkey sits at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, retaining its historic position as a global centre for international trade. Much of its workforce is fluent in languages such as English, German, Russian, Greek, Spanish and Arabic.

“Turkey is the perfect cosmopolitan hub from which to seize growth in a profoundly changing retail trading landscape. It opens up opportunities for Ascensos to compete in new markets, such as Germany and the Middle East, helping brands reach into the UK and EU as well as to better serve their domestic and regional customers.

“Our expertise in managing omnichannel customer engagement in the UK, one of the most competitive and demanding markets in the world, is invaluable to retailers based in other parts of the globe.

the-view-over-the-bosphorus-strait-istanbul-turkey-P95J8L9 698x400

📷 Image:The view over the Bosphorus strait, Istanbul, Turkey. Source @twenty20photos

Executive Chairman & Co-Founder, Dermot Jenkinson added: “The launch of Ascensos Turkey is a key strategic move for us, and Istanbul is the appropriate place to be geographically because of its long history as the bridge between trading worlds."

The move into Turkey is the latest stage of an expansion strategy developed by Ascensos last year that includes reaching into substantial untapped consumer markets across the world.

For further information visit www.ascensos.com

Ascensos Awarded Excellence in Customer Service 2020

About Ascensos:
The company, which is headquartered in Motherwell, Scotland, was founded by Dermot Jenkinson and John Devlin in 2013 and has six contact centres across the UK, Central and Eastern Europe. It is a gold medal winner at the European Contact Centre and Customer Service Awards and supports more than 20 clients, including high street names such as KFC, Aldi, B&Q, Wickes and JD Sports. Revenues in 2019 were £30 million.

Ascensos Media Contacts:
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E: toby@applebycomms.com
M: +44(0)7976 942209

Fiona Campbell
E: fiona.campbell@ascensos.com
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